March 14 2007

It was not my intention that my recent messages on Pakistan should have made one think that Iwas against investing in Pakistan

Such an impression is wrong and totally unfounded. The fact is that my messages are meant to awaken the policy makers and implementers in Pakistan to the truth. Placing the cart before the horse is horrendously costly and not the right way to woo potential large Foreign Direct Investment into Pakistan. Pakistan remains one of the biggest goldmines. Unfortunately this gold is covered by a lot of dust and dirt. If you are willing to take the time and make the effort to clean this you will reap huge benefits. No doubt present government policies have resulted in impressive economic growth but far greater FDI increase is possible if Pakistan's government took some bold steps in establishing business protection processes for all foreign investors. One of my best decisions 9 year ago was to establish a labor-intensive electronic assembly line in the Karachi Export Processing Zones. Today Ihave 200 finest employees and growing. Ihave never had any issues or difficulties. Ihave never had to pay a single paisa to anyone. On the contrary my Call Center business started in 2000 and my property in PECHS has been fraudulently seized by my greedy Pakistani junior managing partner. Sitting here in USA all Ican do is follow a legal process which will take years

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